The Temptation of Lesser Opportunities

For a time (a brief time) I had the fanciful idea that a life in the political arena might somehow be in the cards of my future. In college, I worked for several politicians and led the college’s conservative political organization where I studied.  While I enjoyed my work, it was certainly not the calling that I know the Lord had placed in my heart as a teenager. One... Continue Reading →

On Mission Together

Change is always difficult, even change that is clearly for the best. Change, however, keeps us viable and effective as new challenges arise. Today, we enter a new era in the history of our convention. It has always been necessary that we operate as an efficient catalyst for gospel ministry in North Carolina. We are... Continue Reading →

We Need A New Path

The political nature of the SBC right now is frustrating, especially for a person who isn’t in one of the two major parties. One group refuses to even admit they are a political faction and neither group is willing to criticize their own shortcomings. The SBC has become an endless circling of the wagons to... Continue Reading →

Pray for the SBC

North Carolina Baptists, In just a few weeks we will be gathering with other Southern Baptists from across the world for the annual Southern Baptist Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. This is a great opportunity for fellowship, worship, and to complete the business before the convention. The Presidents of the Southern Baptist Convention have called on... Continue Reading →

Being Nominated for Re-election

Photo credit Randy Starky Photography I am thankful for Dr. Ed Yount’s desire to nominate me for a second term as president of our convention. It has been my joy to travel from the coast to the mountains, sharing God’s Word and telling of the work of our convention. If our convention grants me a... Continue Reading →

The SBC, the BF&M 2000, and CRT

As President of the BSCNC and as a pastor, I welcome the Council of Seminary Presidents of the Southern Baptist Convention’s affirmation of the BF&M 2000. Our common confession helps bond Southern Baptists together for the mission of proclaiming the Kingdom of God to the ends of the earth. I am also grateful for their... Continue Reading →

Moving to 50/50, wisely

In the summer of 2010, I eagerly attended the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) in Orlando, Florida. My primary purpose in going was to vote for the adoption of the recommendations of the Great Commission Resurgence (GCR) taskforce. A decade ago, this vision was cast by SBC leaders and many of us young pastors were eager... Continue Reading →

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