You Can’t Handle the Truth!

As I sat watching a hearing taking place in Washington, DC, I began to think about the truth. Witnesses were giving testimony about events that took place in a foreign land over 18 months ago. Regardless of the outcome of these hearings or others like them, their necessity lies in an ultimate problem with the truth.
It seems it is very hard to find someone who will tell the truth. I have watched dozens of Congressional hearings convened because someone did not tell the truth. Even more happens because our leaders will not admit they did wrong. Regardless of political parties or whether or not it is an election year, we need our leaders to be truthful.
I would like to have leaders who will look us in the eye and tell us the truth. I think most of us in this country are big boys and girls and can take the straight talk. I know there are some who are not but maybe it is time to stop bowing to the lowest common denominator.
The truth, for too many who try to lead us, may be unpleasant. Were they to tell the truth they may have to disclose inappropriate relationships, shady financial ties, past moral failings, wishy-washy decision making, or self-doubt. However, the truth is necessary for leadership—if the truth is too hard, you cannot lead.
I would like to have leaders who will admit when their legislation was not the great plan they had initially promised, who will condemn members of their own party who are foolish or bigoted, and who will care more about the people who elected them than the next office they plan to seek. I wonder if there are leaders out there who will be make decisions that are based on the Constitution and rule of law as opposed to the platform of their deeply flawed parties. I would like a leader who will commit to be a public servant not a pocket-lining politician.
I had a dear friend in a previous church I served who often told the story of her father who ran for the Senate in the 1940s. She remembers being shocked when someone pointed out that her father’s odds of being elected were slim. This was not because he was a crook or held the wrong political views. She was told he would never be elected because he “was a good man.” If that was the case then, how much more so now?
I am glad that I do not have to rely on our elected leaders to provide me salvation. I know the Truth and He does not reside in Washington or Raleigh. The Truth sits at the right hand of His Heavenly Father. I do, however, desire earthly leaders who will tell the truth, talk straight, and lead us well. I know that may seem like a big request, but in the greatest country in the world it is not too much to ask.

Dr. Micheal Pardue
Icard, NC

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