What defines you?

An election is coming. Our country and many churches are divided. We’ve experienced a great crisis and a time of both national and person tribulation. Don’t lose sight of what is most important. Consider this from the 19th century English pastor Charles Spurgeon:

Do not pin your faith to anybody’s sleeve. Keep close to the Lord Jesus Christ. You are bought with a price—do not be the servants of men. Do not give yourselves up to party spirit. It is a pity when a man cares only for politics—when the one grand thing he lives for is to return a Liberal to Parliament, or to get in a Radical, or to lift a Tory to the top of the poll. To live for a political party is unworthy of a man who professes to be a Christian! The most advanced politics beneath the sun are nothing compared with living for the bleeding Savior and spending one’s self for the promotion of the immortal principles of the Cross. We are not to give ourselves up to any scientific speculation, educational effort, or to any philanthropic enterprise so as to divert our minds from the grand old cause of Jesus and our God!

-Charles H. Spurgeon, 1874

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