BSCNC Nomination

This is the announcement I made to my church family back in in the Spring. A lot has changed in our convention since then because of COVID-19. However, I am still excited to be nominated and ready to serve the BSCNC.

If, in November, I am elected President of the BSCNC, here are five goals that will mark my term in office:

1. Continue steady-handed leadership – Steve Scoggins has led us so well. He has worked tirelessly to ensure our convention is strong. I want to continue this by being a leader who does

2. Be an advocate for our BSCNC staff and ministries – Our convention staff have weathered this COVID-19 storm with professionalism and care. They have continued to assist our churches in reaching people with the Gospel. I want to advocate for them as staff and for their ministries. They are our greatest asset as a convention of churches.

3. Provide a voice for small and medium sized churches, the backbone of our convention – often our large churches and celebrity pastors are called upon for their input while smaller churches are not. I will make sure that there are always voices in the decision making process from churches that are smaller and average. The faithfulness of people in those churches have built our convention.

4. Continue to emphasize diversity in the leadership of the convention – God has brought myriads of people to North Carolina and people from many different countries, languages, and backgrounds call themselves North Carolina Baptists. I want to make sure that our leadership, through my appointments, match that reality.

5. Promote church revitalization and church planting – Many of our churches need help and revitalization. The convention has tools to help in that process. We also need more churches to meet the ever-growing population of North Carolina. I will promote revitalization and planting as President.

If I can serve you in anyway, help you with a convention need, or answer a question, please email me:

Micheal Pardue will make a great president of the NC Baptist convention. I have relied on his wisdom for the last two years. He loves and understands the work we are doing here in NC, the SBC and around the world. He has the temperament to lead us with a steady hand. – Rev. Steve Scoggins, President, BSCNC

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