What’s at the center of N.C. Baptist partnerships?

The Biblical Recorder recently asked me to briefly respond to the question: What’s at the center of N.C. Baptist partnerships? Here was my reply:

The BSCNC spreads out over 10 geographical regions, ministers as 77 associations, and counts over 4,300 churches as her own. We are a diverse convention geographically, racially, and ethnically. We are are diverse in our practices, in the languages we speak, the sizes of our fellowships, and the places we live. Despite our differences, we have long-standing partnerships and mutual cooperation with schools, mission boards, children’s homes, a foundation, a hospital, a newspaper, and so many others. The foundation of all this cooperation is the belief that God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. We muststrive to make disciples in all we do so that, by God’s grace, we impact the lostness in our world. We must carry the Gospel to the communities where God has placed us to live. We proclaim Jesus from our Appalachian mountains to Outer Banks, and continue on to the ends of the Earth where Christ has called us to go.

What would have been your reply? I’d love to have other NC Baptists answer this question in the comments below!

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