Pray for the SBC

North Carolina Baptists,

In just a few weeks we will be gathering with other Southern Baptists from across the world for the annual Southern Baptist Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. This is a great opportunity for fellowship, worship, and to complete the business before the convention. The Presidents of the Southern Baptist Convention have called on all Southern Baptists to set aside time for prayer and fasting in preparation for June’s meeting. I want to echo that call for all North Carolina Baptists. Our annual meeting is a time for reflection on what God has done throughout the churches that comprise the Southern Baptist Convention and preparation for what lies ahead. There will be items of business that set the tone of our work for years to come. We will elect new officers, hear important reports, and fellowship with other brothers and sisters in Christ.

Before the upcoming meeting, we have been challenged to pray around three main themes.

First, that our work in mobilizing for the Great Commission would advance rapidly. In eternity, there will be people from every tribe, and tongue, and nation around the throne of God, praising our Savior forever. Today, there are people from every tribe, and tongue, and nation who desperately need to hear the Good News of Jesus. Those people are found here in your community and around our state. We pray that we would be diligent in our work for reaching all people with the Good News of Christ.

Second, we need to pray for unity around the Gospel. Because we have an all-sufficient Word, with an all-sufficient message, we know that we have great victory in Christ. We unify around the truth of God’s Word. We cannot be distracted into following the world’s ways, but rather we are one, as Jesus prayed we would be, around the unchanging message of hope that has been delivered to us.

And third, we pray that the Southern Baptist Convention meeting and Southern Baptists’ work would be Holy Spirit work. I believe many of our churches aspire to accomplish much greater than they can do on their own. We aim to do the work that only the Spirit can call us to and the ministry that only He can enable. We pray that all that is done in Nashville will be for the glory of and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Obviously, any time is a good time to pray and fast. If you are willing, I invite you to pray in your churches on Sundays and Wednesdays leading up to the convention. Pray as a community of faith. Let’s pray in our quite times and as a family. In addition to this, the Southern Baptist Convention is providing three specific times of prayer with convention President JD Greear over the next several Wednesdays on Facebook.

God is on the move among North Carolina Baptists and Southern Baptists. Just last year, 55 people groups in the world with no churches were engaged by the International Mission Board. 91% of our missionaries are working among the unreached. God is at work and I hope you will join me in praying that our convention next month will be a celebration of all we are doing to proclaim the name of Christ.

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