We Need A New Path

The political nature of the SBC right now is frustrating, especially for a person who isn’t in one of the two major parties. One group refuses to even admit they are a political faction and neither group is willing to criticize their own shortcomings. The SBC has become an endless circling of the wagons to protect flawed leadership. We have done better, we can do, we must do better.

We cancel each other for asking questions or having contrary opinions. We protect those we agree with and disparage those we don’t—for doing or saying the same thing. This has to stop. We are quick to speak and slow to listen. We never seem to believe the best unless someone has previously agreed with us. It cannot continue. We care if the world is watching, but only when it fits our agenda.

Years ago, I had a CBF professor tell me that that Conservative Resurgence was not theological but political. It was only about power. If we continue on the path we are on, we prove him right. #sbc21

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