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BSCNC Nomination

This is the announcement I made to my church family back in in the Spring. A lot has changed in our convention since then because of COVID-19. However, I am still excited to be nominated and ready to serve the BSCNC. If, in November,… Continue Reading “BSCNC Nomination”

Sufficiency of Scripture Resolution

The Biblical Recorder is about to run a story that will cite a resolution that is being submitted to the Southern Baptist Convention that I was able to help craft along with others including Rev. Steve Scoggins and Rev. Bill Sturm. It relies on… Continue Reading “Sufficiency of Scripture Resolution”

What defines you?

An election is coming. Our country and many churches are divided. We’ve experienced a great crisis and a time of both national and person tribulation. Don’t lose sight of what is most important. Consider this from the 19th century English pastor Charles Spurgeon: Do… Continue Reading “What defines you?”

Responding to a Crisis

The last several weeks have brought about unimaginable change to the way of life for most people across the world. No other event in my lifetime, including 9/11, has changed the daily life and routine like the COVID-19 crisis. We have witnessed the rapid… Continue Reading “Responding to a Crisis”

Make a Nomination

A year ago, I wrote much of the content of this article as an encouragement to NC Baptist to make nominations of leaders from across our state to the various boards and committees that lead in the work of the Baptist State Convention of… Continue Reading “Make a Nomination”

John 13:31-38

J. Allen Murray for PC VP

I am excited to announce that I will nominate Rev. J. Allen Murray to be Vice-President of the 2021 North Carolina Pastors’ Conference when NC Baptist gather in Greensboro next week for our annual convention. Allen is the pastor of Centerville Baptist Church in… Continue Reading “J. Allen Murray for PC VP”

John 13:1-20

Hell hates Heaven

  As my wife and I were shopping at Walmart, I noticed the diversity in the people around me. People with many shades of melanin. People from all around the world. People with heritages different from my own. As I observed them, my heart… Continue Reading “Hell hates Heaven”

Is He Enough?

A friend and I were recently having a discussion about church fads and the fact so many in established churches are often dissatisfied with their “experience.” We agreed that it all comes down to one question, “Is Jesus enough?” If He is, you will… Continue Reading “Is He Enough?”