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Is He Enough?

A friend and I were recently having a discussion about church fads and the fact so many in established churches are often dissatisfied with their “experience.” We agreed that it all comes down to one question, “Is Jesus enough?” If He is, you will…

Will you serve?

2019 has arrived. It came in, as most do, with fireworks and celebrations. Many of us took the first day of the year off and spent time with family and friends. However, as Christians, the work never ceases—Kingdom work does not stop for holidays….

John 3:22-36

Baptist Press Article

Who is My Neighbor?

This article recently appeared in the Hickory Daily Record, the Taylorsville Times, and at Just Ministry. I arrived a few minutes before my friend for our weekly breakfast at a local greasy spoon. After ordering my usual tea, I noticed the conversation of the…

John 1:19-28

Psalm 119:81-96

Introduction – The world teaches that we should desire deliverance simply because the absence of suffering is good. The world strives to avoid all pain and all hardship, no matter the consequences of avoiding pain and hardship. However, this is not the biblical view…

Youth Camp in El Salvador

You can view the pictures from the youth conference here: Puede ver las imágenes de la conferencia de jóvenes aquí: Posted by Dr. Micheal Pardue, Sr. on Saturday, August 4, 2018

New Podcast Episode

Check out the latest episode of the Just Ministry Podcast:

Psalm 119:17-32