Have you shared your faith?

One of the most surprising results from my recent study, The One Another Project, was the result that 83% of respondents have shared their faith through social media.  Not only did the study reveal an overall positive view of social media’s effect on relationships but students are also using social media to share the Good News.  This is an encouraging result.  I wish I had asked the participants in the study if they had shared their faith in person, as this would have given me something to compare this result to.  However, four out of five students sharing their faith with others is always a positive results.  Christian colleges and churches should be mindful of this result and strategize how they equip their students to continue spreading the message of Christ.

Dissertation is finished…

Today about 3:00pm I wrapped up my dissertation. After two and a half years, it’s good to bed done.


Trunk-or-Treat at High Shoal

Excited that we had more than 150 people come out last night from our indoor Trunk-or-Treat. It was a huge success.


I am in the last days of my dissertation.  Seven months of work and countless years of preparation and it has come down to just a few more days.  Very soon I’m going to begin posting some of the results here and on www.oneanotherproject.org.  Hope you’ll check back to see the results of this exciting study.


Comp Crew

Here we are just minutes after finishing comps. It was a long two days. Thanks to my friend Thomas Hudgins for the picture.


The End is Near

With comps behind me, all that is left is to knock out these last pages of my dissertation. 23 years of school culminate in this last month of work.


I took five of my eight comprehensive exams today.  My hope after 11:30 tomorrow is to be Ed.D. ABD (all but dissertation).  This thing is almost done and there is no one happier!

Guest Lecture

My good friend and classmate Thomas Hudgins gave a guest lecture in my Gospel of John class at SEBTS tonight.


Micheal Pardue.com is moving to WordPress

Micheal Pardue.com is moving to WordPress. Check out the updates often.