Psalm 119:81-96

Introduction – The world teaches that we should desire deliverance simply because the absence of suffering is good. The world strives to avoid all pain and all hardship, no matter the consequences of avoiding pain and hardship. However, this is not the biblical view of suffering and hardship. Our desire for deliverance must be rooted in God’s promises. The Lord is going to deliver His people. The Psalmist longs for salvation because he hopes in the Word of God (v. 81). He wants to see the promises of God because they will comfort where nothing else can (v. 82). He is sure of that. This morning, as we continue to explore Psalm 119 together, we see 3 questions that we all ask in tribulation, and the answers to those questions from the life of the Psalmist.

Why do we need salvation?

  • He has been rendered useless by the circumstances around him (v. 83)
  • He has been persecuted for faithfulness (vv. 84-86)
  • He has been ruined and left for dead (vv. 87, 95)

What must our response be to tribulation?

  • He has not forgotten God’s statues (v. 83b)
  • He has not forsaken God’s precepts (v. 87b)
  • He cries out with assurance (vv. 86, 93-94)
  • He asks God to preserve him so he can continue to obey the Lord (v. 88)

Why can we be confident in the Lord’s deliverance?

  • He knows the Word and promises of God are firmly fixed (vv. 89, 96)
  • He knows that all things created serve the Creator (vv. 90-91)
  • He knows the Word made it possible for him to endure (v. 92)

Challenge – How we will respond in the tribulation that comes into our life? Will we be found faithful? Do you have confidence that not only can the Lord deliver, but that He will deliver His children from all tribulation. It may not come when we want and it may not come at a time where we escape all hardship. However, our Heavenly Father has sent His Son to deliver His people. The cross of Christ is the guarantor of our deliverance when we are found in Him. The great 20th century English preacher Charles Spurgeon put it this way: “In this day’s labors or trials say, ‘The LORD God will help me.’ Go forth boldly. Set your face like a flint and resolve that no faintness or shamefacedness shall come near you. If God helps, who can hinder? If you are sure of omnipotent aid, what can be too heavy for you? Begin the day joyously, and let no shade of doubt come between thee and the eternal sunshine.”

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