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Thoughts after the election

Election week is coming to an end. We thought it would be over and there would be closure to a grueling process. Yet, so much remains unknown. What are Christians to do? My thoughts:

Are you Desperate?

I believe the Bible shows a clear pattern of the necessity of being desperate for God. The pattern goes something like this: God calls someone to Himself who is desperate, they follow for a while, they slowly become less desperate for God, their relationship is ultimately ruined, they are separated from God, they become desperate once again, God calls them…

Destructive Words

On the brink of…

As I sat down to watch the newly released videos of the chemical weapons attack in Syria, I was not terribly shocked by the graphic images they contained.  It seems there is less and less to call shocking.  I was, however, completely and utterly… Continue Reading “On the brink of…”