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img_0407During the past few years I have come to regard Micheal, not just as a student, but as a personal friend. Micheal has a strong love for our Lord. His theology is rooted in the inerrant Word of God and he has a missional focus in his life and ministry. His oral and written communication skills are strong. Micheal is one of the most academically gifted students I have ever encountered. His critical thinking skills are superb. He has a broad knowledge of many different subject areas. He is a successful pastor and educator!

 J. Gregory Lawson, J.D., Ed.D., Ph.D., Professor, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

I have found Micheal Pardue to be a man of character who is knowledgeable of his field. He relates well to those he teaches. As his former professor, I recommend him highly.

Larry S. McDonald, Ph.D., D.Min., Dean & Professor, North Greenville University

Micheal has been a great brother and friend in ministry, both academically and professionally.  His scholarship is faithful and a great asset to the church, for it flows from a heart that is passionate for shepherding the people of God and leading them to walk with Christ Jesus each day.  His pastoral ministry is marked by an emphasis on connecting God’s Word to God’s people so that he may make disciples who carry the gospel everywhere they go.  Micheal would be a great asset to any ministry who seeks a leader with a heart for the gospel and God’s people!

Justin Smith, Ed.D. Assistant Director & Chaplain, First Baptist Church of Icard, Child Enrichment Center

facebook-cover.jpgThe last several years have provided countless opportunities to read his papers, and view his presentations and teaching
delivery in the classroom. His work is well-researched, clearly presented, and insightful. Micheal has an excellent reputation as a pastor…he is consistent, faithful, hard working, and a visionary. I can say without reservation that Micheal Pardue will uphold the highest standards. He will make you proud!

James Porowski, Psy.D., Professor, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

As a part of our Doctor of Education Program at Southeastern Seminary, Micheal Pardue has made significant contributions to the overall academic success and teamwork of his cohort. Micheal is a diligent and dependable scholar and supports his classmates in a variety of ways to encourage their best effort. He consistently expresses keen insights related to the disciplines of education, church ministry, and leadership.

Ken Coley, Ed.D., Director of Ed D Studies, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

I had the privilege of meeting Micheal Pardue in 2010. We studied together at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary together. During that time, Micheal proved to be a man of character with a passion for people and scholarship. Micheal personally served me on a number of occasions, giving me a very important example of what it looks like to be living for the Great Commission. The mission is people and Micheal showed me that our walks with Christ are measured how we served others in love and truth. In addition, I know of few people who have studied at SEBTS with the academic commitment that is exhibited in Micheal’s life. Our studies are a stewardship from the Lord Jesus Christ, and Micheal models faithfulness in those studies better than anyone I know, always giving his best and presenting to the Lord and his professors the highest quality work.

Thomas W. Hudgins, Ed.D., Assistant Professor, Capital Seminary and Graduate School 

Expository preaching is a rare find among contemporary preachers today.  With the constant push for the practical and relevant men have lost confidence in the sufficiency and eternal relevance of God’s Word.  This is not so with Dr. Pardue.  His preaching is a refreshing feast for the famished pilgrim.  Dr. Pardue is diligent in his explanation, illustration, and application of the biblical text of Scripture.  His objective is to say what God has said to the contemporary audience with as much dynamic force as it was said to the original audience.  He is a faithful expositor of God’s Word.

Phillip Bray, D.Min., Pastor, First Baptist Church Macon, MO

Micheal’s keen intellect, affable personality, and unwavering commitment to the ringgoldinerrancy and applicability of the Word of God made him an excellent member of our staff and his giftedness was routinely demonstrated by his teaching, preaching and pastoral ministries. Micheal has a delightful family and a host of friends both in and out of the ministry, which testify to his ability to work with and relate to individuals in any number of circumstances and stations in life. In addition to his teaching efforts in the local church, Micheal has single-handedly extended his congregation’s ministry to individuals in the community…

Steve Ellis, D.Min., Pastor, First Baptist Leland

I have known Micheal for over 5 years and have great respect for him. He is a man of great passion and integrity. I have seen him grow and mature as a person and pastor. He has shown himself to be faithful to the Word of God and a defender of the faith. I would highly recommend him to you.

David Jendrey, D.Min., Director of Missions, Green River Baptist Association


Micheal has never ceased to impress me with his commitment to excellence and his desire to learn yet more. He possessed all the qualities that a teacher hopes to find in a student: he was hard working, organized, responsible, energetic, punctual, and driven. He was a model student. And despite these accolades for a former student who I now include in my circle of friends, I have come to believe that the prime attribute that sets him apart from his peers is his Godly character. He is a man full of grace and kindness, always ready to serve, always ready to love. I recommend him without reservation.

L. Scot Lahaie, M.F.A. Professor, Regent University

By God’s grace, Micheal is seeking to be a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ, as well as a faithful husband, father, and pastor. I have personally witnessed him in all of these areas. Micheal understands that the call to ministry is a call to prepare and study. He has a heart for the local church and for Biblical scholarship…

Rev. B. David Easler, Missionary, Greater European Mission

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