On Mission Together

Change is always difficult, even change that is clearly for the best. Change, however, keeps us viable and effective as new challenges arise.

Today, we enter a new era in the history of our convention. It has always been necessary that we operate as an efficient catalyst for gospel ministry in North Carolina. We are a convention of churches, and those churches entrust us with their mission dollars to judicially and optimally administer for the sake of the Kingdom. The changes made by our Executive Committee today focuses on a continued path to do just that.

We have the opportunity to accomplish several goals simultaneously. (1) We further decentralize our staff to ensure that state convention personnel are strategically placed near the churches and associations they serve. This allows the convention’s staff to be evermore catalytic in aiding churches in their divinely appointed mission. (2) We ensure that the ministries of the state convention have a laser focus on our vision of being a movement of churches on mission together. We accomplish both of these goals while achieving a third. (3) We put more financial resources in the hands of our mission partners to proclaim the gospel throughout the world and educate the next generation of pastors and missionaries in North Carolina and throughout North America. Our budget allocates more money for the IMB, NAMB, our six seminaries, Fruitland Baptist Bible College, and the Baptist Children’s Homes of NC.

These are three goals (among many) that Todd Unzicker shared with me when we first met months ago. He has shared this vision with countless North Carolina Baptists over the last six months. He has allowed me and many other pastors, associational mission strategists, and former convention officers to have significant input into his thought process. This process has brought us where we are today.

The Executive Committee took the first steps toward making this vision a reality and I hope all North Carolina Baptists will be excited about where God is taking us as we are on mission together.

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